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#1 17 years ago

Hello, and thank you for having a look at this thread. Let me introduce myself and our clan. I am -=|F|sondalo|F|=-, the leader and founder of the Frontline Fighters Clan. After about 2 months of website havoc, Frontline Fighters has restarted and is now completely devoid of members. We are now looking for an officer who will be the sub-leader of the MOHAA section of our clan. (Our clan plays BF1942, CoD, and MOHAA.) Some features of being an member of the clan includes a clan e-mail address (example: [email][/email]), clan webspace (example:, and no tryouts required for the first 5 people that join. If ou are interested, please go to our website,, and post on the forums under "Enlistment." You can also contact me using any of the IM tools in my profile. Thank you for your time.