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#1 13 years ago

Hello, I was broswing on a similar et forum a year ago and found this site here well thast there new site they had an old one but it was kept private now there public they provide servers pretty cheap and WICKED FAST i still own 4 private 32 man servers yes there under trupid too well not for long they just needed a fast easy site well anyway i just wanted to say if you want a server and a fast realible one without all the bullshit by most server companies out there i suggest them. they have every et file known to man but its not yet put up on the site, but if you order a server they got a redirect and another website that has everyfile on earth, even the first original files that have been cancelled out at filefront, they even have some mods ive never seen on here, very good people. I suggest you all try them, tell me what you think of there servers after you get one ttyl later i got 4 more coming but only 24 man public ones ill post the ip's here in a week or so