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Recruiting players that are Dedicated to ET - we dont want the weekend warrior types as much as we want the guys who play daily - we want those people who are online shooting it up in ET Daily - we want dedicated players that can help League-Xtreme gain some popularity with our 24 slot ET (East Coast NY,NY) and our Team Speak Server The website features Playerstats, Teamspeak & Game Server Stats, plus more The Server runs our own Hybrid Mod Dubbed X (For XMOD) its a cross mod between our own modifications and JayMod by Jaybird - Our server has Level 5 Special Weapons, Bouncing Betty Landmines, Poison Gas Mines, Regular Mines, CO's and Soldiers and such who are level 5 can also toss Poison Gas Nades (usefull to clear out a room of enemies) plus tons more -KillingSpree, Multi-Kills, M97 Shotguns, Server runs PB and PSB anti-cheats and some other goodies - like our Lovely Naked Betty on the Shotgun Stocks, those groovy MaryJane Boxer Shorts the axis and allies like to wear (Steal their uniform to see those LOL) some custom skins on server as well -- nothing Crazy - but Tactical looking skins - for allies and axis (only 1 File to Download upon connecting too I kept all items in one pack file to keep downloads LOW so people can just connect and play) IP/PORT: Our server rotates fueldump,oasis,goldrush,battery,venice,caen,mlb_temple,baserace, & warbell its on a Fast 400KBPS Redirect so maps DL under a Minute if your on a connection higher then Dial-up so you guys should check it all out www.league-xtreme.com a bit more on league-xtreme.com is that we are also working on a full featured Tournament Site/League Site - with full ladders, teams, etc... very simple really - you challenge a Clan - setup time and place - then fight according to the rules set -- then you both report either your win or loss - and your Stats on the System Climb or Fall depending on how many matches you win or loose (also have 1 vs 1 ladders) The league site is not yet open - I am still looking for Admins for it - I will need people to be responsible for Rules, Maps, Ladders, Disputes, etc... League-Xtreme Clan (or just |X|) is also going to be bringing in more Leaders and Admins soon - so you might want to jump on board for when that time comes hope to see all of you there