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#1 15 years ago

Well look no further, your there. I am the head admin for the et divison for the <]DoD[> clan. We are a fun and friendly clan who just got finished with a restructing of the clan and are ready to start rebuilding the member list. We currently run the 6 normal maps with 4 cusom, our tech guy is having trouble linking the 2 campains we have to make a total of 20 maps. We run the ventrilo voice server which is mandatory in the clan and a free download. No money is need to join this clan, I pay for the server which has 35 slots in it. Our main rules are NO HACKING, no spawnkilling or camping and dont disrespect our members. If you can follow these simple rules come by and have some clean fun. If you are 14 or older and want to sign up and get a tryout, our server ip is You dont have to be a great player, you will be trained to become a great player, not the dod but the right way. We dont shove our ways down your throat. We hope to get large enough again to be able to have friendly scrims against other clans. So you think you have what it takes to become <]DoD[>? Lets find out. Go to the server to get the address to the member application forums, it is not the clan forums. If your voted into the clan, you will get clan forums and ventrilo usage. Looking forward to playing with you. kybuddha (KB)

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