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14th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hello all,

I am from the clan -=NACF=-. I am here to ask for anyone willing to fill out an application and try out for our clan. We currently have over 50 members. We are organized into platoons and squads. We currently have new squads that are now in need of trained, talented, ACTIVE , and good team players. These are our requirements/guidelines for applying.

1. Must be willing to contribute to the payment (only $5 a month – subject to change with more members) of our clan's servers. The whole clan donates so why should one person pay and not another? (Exceptions made with legitimate excuses). The server does belong to the clan and we all have an input into what gets played on it.

2. Must be Mature, we have no age limit as of now but immaturity is dealt with harshly... To some people MOHAA is a way to relax, escape from work, family etc. We play for enjoyment and therefore do not wish to have to deal with idiots but if you can show us you can act mature you are welcome to play with us any time.

3. We DO NOT TOLERATE cheaters. It is required that you download Reverend for OGL. If we feel that you are cheating or have evidence it’s obvious what will happen so don’t bother applying.

4. Must have TS and be able to attend most practices every weekend

MoH 32 Man Server IP:

OUR WEBSITE is located at http://www.nacfclan.com

1stLt. Phantom

-=NACF=- Recruitment Officer email : [email="watboy@questrel.com"]phantom_86@hotmail.com[/email] msn : [email="watboy@questrel.com"]phantom_86@hotmail.com[/email] AIM : FntAbble