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24th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hey all. My clan, the {To-The-Max} (or to the maximum) is recruting. I have just started this clan within the last few days and am constantly searching for new members. I already have a website (http://www.angelfire.com/games5/tothemaximum) and a server that is on its way. I'm still waiting for a few of the parts to be mailed to me. Also, as soon as I can afford the www.namehere.com address the above clan website will be changed to www.tothemaximum.net. I am always hard at work on the website adding new information and ideas as I go along. Please visit my website even if you don't feel like joining. But if you wish to join, visit the Contact section of my web page. Everyone is welcome. I encourage all of you to help me out with this. I mean a clan's gotta start somewhere right? I have a Teamspeak server already set up and ready to go for any clan members that join, and if you do join I shall need to know you ICQ# or MSN addy if possible. If you have neither, please download one of them. Its makes keeping in touch much easier. Thank you for reading. I hope to see you signing my guestbook. hehe. -EbyNator