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28th January 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Hi! and thanks for taking the time to review this post! This is my first full blown release of an ET map. I would appreciate any reviews or observed bad bugs that I may have missed along the way. Plus playability is another review area of concern to me. Anyhooo! Please take a gander at ver1 at tell me what you think! Body description:::::::::::::::: Pictures at the website This sucks- I cant post my URL::: Please go to Splash Damage ET mapping forum to get the URL - Sorry about that also type t_outreach on google and a fine german ET site called ETMAPS.DE has the map available as well. THanks! STORYLINE: It's in the twilight hours of the war and the last of the hardcore axis are hold up in a very remote part of Northern Europe. They recently captured an important Allied officer from the 5th Infantry Division and are in the process of a brutal interrogation. At the same time the Axis are using a multi-rocket launcher to harass the advancement of the allies in the far off village of Prujeck. The locals of Prujeck are worried that the desperate Axis will level a medieval abbey near their fortification inside the mountains. The Allies only hope of success is through the element of surprise by a very late night time raid. The local resistors of Prujeck have supplied the allies with a truck and supplies for the raid, Operation Outreach. Can the allies secure the last stronghold of the Axis, rescue the officer, and save the Abbey before it is too late? The outcome of Operation Outreach will be decided by you!

[color=yellow]Type of map: [/color][color=yellow]ENEMY TERRITORY-->[/color] Multiplayer five flag objective map - Medium size

Whoever gets all five objectives first - wins.

[color=yellow]Objectives: [/color]

1. Secure the Axis HQ

2. Secure the Rocket Launcher

3. Rescue the Allied officer and secure the interrogation building.

4. Secure the Engine Room

5. Secure the Abbey

6. Axis (same as above) just secures the whole place before the raid is a success!


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19th March 2004

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#2 14 years ago

Congrats on your first release. Do you have a list of recommended links/URLs/posts/tutorials for fellow Q3/RTCW/ET mappers? Post them in the Mapping forum pls.

(You can post a URL & you can post a link too.)