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18th September 2008

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#1 12 years ago

hello I have a few questions about bots and mods

the first question is I want my bots in all maps work but they do not load automatically when I start my server and even if I type / RCON (password) bot addbot into the console all i get is this error: no navigation file found unable to load bots, I have downloaded all the waypoints from the omnibot website and extracted them all to C: \ ETSERVER \ omni-bot \ et \ nav

i want them to work on the following maps: base race Byzantine et_tank_beta3 marketgarden_et mml_helmsdeep_a3 mp_assault_rc1 mp_tram resurrection saberpeak_final supplydepot2 UJE_sniper venice

the second is how can I run noquarter on my server with the above maps and bots

can I just download Noquarter and install on my server?

and the last question is how can i add custom taunts to my server ?

my server runs V2.60b


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#2 12 years ago

Thanks for such a nice post.

Regards Rimmil