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20th December 2003

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#1 14 years ago

I realize that many people are slowly leaving MoH for other games and ventures, but there is an area of the game that is still thriving quite well. That is the Omaha Community. The hardcore players who love to play that particular map. However, there is a huge problem now, that is threatening to take down one of the more inviting groups of servers on gamespy. BashYou server 1 and BashYou server 2. Both are currently running modded versions of Omaha that took out the MG42's and made a few minor changes to even gameplay. However, the person who made those changes on those maps has now left, and the job is unfinished. There is one critical flaw in the Omaha beach map, and that is the ability to get underneath the map (running through a mine field behind the western cannon) as an Axis player, and to walk (in space) to beneath the Eastern Cannon and sniper each and every Allied player that attempts to set the bomb. I humbly request that any person with knowledge of how to edit a map could please contact me at [email="duckyinaparka@hotmail.com"]duckyinaparka@hotmail.com[/email] to explain the very very basics of how to put a wall up behind the western cannon so this cannot be done. The servers are useless with players doing this, and the console just cannot be around all the time to monitor it 24/7 even when it's full nearly all the time. One again..please contact me if you have any information that may be of help. It may be easier if I just sent you the map and you did it yourself, but you know what they say about giving a man a fish, or teaching him how to fish..