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#1 13 years ago

Hi I just set up a NQ server for ET. Now the server has the maps downloaded into in already but when someone wants to play on the server they have to dl the maps i have but it is so slow. Ive uploaded the pk3 maps here on filefront and set the following on the server.cfg set sv_maxRate "25000" // 10000 standard but poor for ET set sv_dl_maxRate "400000" // increase/decerease if you have plenty/little spare bandwidth set sv_allowDownload "1" set sv_wwwDownload "1" set sv_wwwBaseURL wastemyhate Profile, wastemyhate Details - set sv_wwwDlDisconnected "0" set sv_wwwFallbackURL "" // URL to send to if an http/ftp fails or is refused client side I took out a map out of my etmain folder so i would have to dl it again, when i connect it goes to the filefront folder, then switches back to the server and starts dl the pk3 file from there. This is my first server so youll have to break it down to a basic level for me. Thanks!!!