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29th October 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Hi How do i bind a key with a " i need a medic " or " i need ammo ". Thanks



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6th February 2002

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#2 14 years ago

bind x "vsay_team medic" bind x "vsay_team NeedAmmo" X is the key you want to use, if you do it from the console don't forget the / before the command. T.T.F.N. Chalky

Here are some more I found

Voice Chat Commands

These commands affect the chat and voice commands. /toggle cg_novoicechats Setting this to 0 will make it so that the quick chat messages (e.g., "Medic!" or "I need ammo") will not make any audible sounds. They will, however, still show up as text.

/toggle cg_novoicetext Setting this to 0 will make it so the quick chat messages do not show their text messages (but you will still hear audio).

/toggle cg_teamchatsonly Setting this to 0 will make it so that you only see chat messages from your team.

/bind X "vsay Y" or /bind X "vsay_team Y" X is a keyboard key and Y is a term from the list below. This allows you to bind specific voice commands/comments to one key instead of using the menu to navigate to the one you want. Use one of the commands below to get the desired effect: /bind X "vsay GoodGame" /bind X "vsay Hi" /bind X "vsay Cheer" /bind X "vsay Bye" /bind X "vsay Thanks" /bind X "vsay GreatShot" /bind X "vsay Oops" /bind X "vsay_team FireInTheHole" /bind X "vsay_team HoldYourFire" /bind X "vsay_team TakingFire" /bind X "vsay_team AllClear" /bind X "vsay_team DynamitePlanted" /bind X "vsay_team DisarmDynamite" /bind X "vsay_team DynamiteDefused" /bind X "vsay_team EnemyWeak" /bind X "vsay_team Incoming" /bind X "vsay_team DefendObjective" /bind X "vsay_team ClearPath" /bind X "vsay_team PathCleared" /bind X "vsay_team LetsGo" /bind X "vsay_team Medic" /bind X "vsay_team NeedAmmo" /bind X "vsay_team NeedEngineer" /bind X "vsay_team OnDefense" /bind X "vsay_team OnOffense" /bind X "vsay_team NeedBackup" /bind X "vsay_team FollowMe" /bind X "vsay_team Sorry" /bind X "vsay_team Welcome" /bind X "vsay_team Affirmative" /bind X "vsay_team Negative" /bind X "vsay_team IamEngineer" /bind X "vsay_team IamMedic" /bind X "vsay_team IamLieutenant" /bind X "vsay_team IamSoldier"