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26th January 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Howdy, [color=black]Several months ago I was building a map in MoH-radiant called "Möhne-Dam". [/color] [color=black]The map is for 32+ players but it is still incomplete... lights, trees, sound, etc must be added to complete the map. [/color] [color=black]But then I got busy and didn't have time to finish the map. [/color] [color=black]Meanwhile CoD was crushing MoH (sort of) and now I dont play MoH that often. [/color] [color=black]So I was wondering if the map-file made in MoH-radiant could be converted to a file that CoD-radiant can read.[/color] [color=black]I tried some things that are listed below:[/color] I hope some of you Map-freaks can do something with this information ! [color=black]------------- 1[/color] [color=black]I compiled the map in MOH-radiant and named it h07.bsp, then I placed it in "Call of Duty\Main\maps\mp" and started CoD. [/color] [color=black]Then in console I typed: [/color] [color=black]devmap h07[/color] [color=black]The map seems to load but then I got the following message: [/color] [color=black]Map maps/mp/h07.bsp has the wrong version number. (19 should be 59)[/color] [color=black]-------------[/color][color=black] 2[/color] If I open in CoD-radiant I get the message: [color=black]ParseEntity: { not found [/color] [color=black]GetLastError() = 0 - 0 [/color] [color=black]An unrecoverable error has occured. Would you like to edit Preferences before exiting Q3Radiant? [/color] Yes/No [color=black]-------------[/color][color=black] 3[/color] When I switch the q3map.exe-file of CoD-radiant with the MoH-radiant this message is shown: Unknown option "-basedir" with CoD Unknown option "-gamedir" with MoH