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22nd June 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Morning Thinking of putting some custom skins on the server. As I see it when I slap the skins pk3 on the site, when people connect they will be required to d/l the skin to play. Is this correct? How have you felt/seen that skins are recieved. Do people only like to stick with the generic skins? Mods. Not total convertions but more upgrades. Sound/weapon updates. Found a few that seem quite good, again witht this, do you think this would take on, or are people fussy and like the standard ET? I wanted to ask, If i have two server.cfg's (with different settings -thinking lower grav, more mines for fun) how can i reset the server to thos settings from ingame. I have still not been able to figure that part out? Thank you for heling me out btw, i do understand how much a pain people asking 101 questions can be. Dave // also, just read, I can only run skins on an 'unpure' server. How do i corrupt my server icon_smile.gif.... so that I can run skins on it?