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7th March 2005

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#1 15 years ago

Everytime I join a server for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, there is usually a long wait for stuff to download when joining almost any server. I know some of these are maps, but some are for mods also?

I just was wondering if there was a place I could get all the maps and get it over with. If I use ASE and use filtering, I can get in on "no mods" and have no problem. I only got ET to play the ETF mod (see sig), but I would like to play more regular ET also.

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15th March 2004

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#2 15 years ago

Try RTCWFiles for ET maps, however, i haven't seen anyone take it upon themselves to make mappacks of the most popular maps, so it's gonna have to be induvidual download,


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29th February 2004

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#3 15 years ago

mods, maps and campaign.pk3's get downloaded when having downloads turned on.

A benefit with turning downloads off is that when you have the mod and maps the server is running then you will not need the campaign.pk3.

BTW having too many pk3 files causes your game to stop running aka .PK3 Count Bug: Cannot reopen pak0.pk3 is one of the errors that comes up then.

Me I have downloads turned off. First I had it on and joined a few servers to get the small mods like whaleclient and jclient and the popular maps. After that I removed the campaign pk3's that also got downloaded and now whenever a server runs a new map I download it manually or bigger mods like ETF, ETPRO.