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29th October 2006

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#1 13 years ago

Hi I have just recently upgraded my broadband from half a meg to 8meg. While using the half meg most of the time my ping was around the 70 and would sometimes go as high as 280. Since upgrading to the 8meg, ping is around 65 but has been as high as 275. Surely with the 8meg this should not happen. The modem i am using is a usb modem from thomson. I have got a fairly oldish computer ( 4 years ), am still using windows ME, and the usb is the usb1 version. I have 512mb ram, which i am soon to be upgrading to 1.5gig. My graphics card is a 128mb nvidea geforce4mx. Does any of this have any relevance as to why the ping is so high? Thanks


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#2 13 years ago

its becuase of the usb 1.1, the bandwidth on your usb is slowing down your internet connection... i suggest going with the ethernet port... if you dont have one spend 5 bucks on a 100mbit nic card... or if you wanna utilize that connection speed get a 1000mbit nic card (what i use... you will get a ping of like 10 on most servers with that 8megbit connection) i would also upgrade the os and get the 1.5gig... and if you have agp 8x throw a ati x1600 or even a x1300 in there... you will get higher framerates and even be able to play some more graphically intense games... you could go with a bfg 7800gt oc nvidia card but its like 270 dollars, and i cant justify spending that much on a agp card... you may also want to invest in a 2.0 usb card... if you want to continue to use usb for internet... but i strongly suggest against it since you cant really set up a home network with usb...