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26th October 2002

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#1 15 years ago

how would i go about making a sniper crosshairs skin?please if anyone knows please help me.i am gonna make a tight one if neone can tell me.



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6th February 2002

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#2 15 years ago

WarPig's "Allied Sniper Rifle Crosshairs Using PSP" tutorial

This is a step-by-step guide on "Creating an Allied Sniper Rifle Crosshair using PSP", and is intended for mod/skinning beginners with some good advise for advance users.

If you use some other software rather than Paint Ship Pro, or if you want to create something else other than a custom allied scope hair, you will still benefit from this guide; It's more or less the same thing for everything else - You learn one, and you've learned them all.

1. First things first create a folder in your My Documents folder like this: textures\hud.

2. Use WinZip to open the pak1.pk3 from your MOHAA\main directory.

3. Double click on the zoomoverlay.tga file and it will automatically open up PSP and have the file ready to edit. BadScript: If you don’t have PSP as your default .tga file viewer (like mine’s ACDSee), you can still drag the file onto your desktop from the WinZip window and open it with PSP; Or you could right click on the file at the WinZip windows and choose “Open With…”

4. Now to avoid a costly mistake press F12 (on Paint Shop Pro) and save your file to the textures\hud folder that you made earlier.

5. Close the original .pk3 file.

6. Go back to PSP and click on the zoomoverlay file.

Now here comes the tricky part so read this carefully…

7. From the top menu bar select MASKS.

8. Now select LOAD FROM ALPHA CHANNEL and a small screen will appear titled “Load From Aplha”.

9. Select OK because you don’t need to change anything.

10. Now select MASKS then VIEW MASKS and you will see part of the screen turn red-ish.This just shows you what you can edit.

11. Select MASKS then EDIT.

12. This will allow you to edit the crosshairs so go ahead and experiment (the bottom right corner is actually the centre of the scope).

13. Once you are happy with your crosshairs select MASKS then SAVE TO ALPHA CHANNEL.

14. A small screen will appear titled “Save to Aplha”.

15. Now select ALPHA CHANNEL 1 and OK to save the mask and a message will pop up.

16. Select YES and then close your zoomoverlay file. A message will pop up, just select YES to save your changes.

17. You have now created your very own crosshairs BUT you need to be able to use them in the game so …

18. Navigate to your "My Documents" folder.

19. Right click on the textures folder and select ADD TO 20. A zip file will now be created called

21. Rename the file to whatever you want .pk3 (eg. User-myalliedsniper.pk3). DO NOT NAME IT PAK#.PK3 (# = a number) because you might not be able to play the game afterwards.

22. Congrats you have just made a mod for MOHAA :)

23. To use it just copy and paste it into your MOHAA\main folder start up the game and the next time you use the allied sniper rifle you will be using your own custom made crosshairs. T.T.F.N. Chalky