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RevosI have been searching for months across the internet for any possible solution to this problem, and have yet to find a definative fix. Some things suggested will fix it for one or two loads (of the game) but beyond that, they stop. So I've nearly given up hope of a solution existing. The problem is this... I run my system on a resolution of 1024X728. ET runs at 800X600. Every single time I open ET, I have to go into the Options, View, set my resolution up to 1024X768, confirm these settings, and only then can I go play. Every. Friggin. Time. No matter how many times I set it to this option, no matter what various solution I've tried -- I've even tried editting config files! Nothing works. It always - always - defaults back to friggin 800X600. I have a number of friends whom suffer the same problem. Does anyone know why the frell it does this and how to fix it? No matter how complex the procedure of making 1024X768 my default resolution, tell me, I'll try it! I'm desperate as I've looked elsewhere, found nothing. The few things I did try didn't keep longer than one or two loads. Thanks, - [DR]REVOS

Create yourself a et.bat file and save it in your home ET folder. After you create it, place a shortcut on your desktop and use it to start ET instead of ET.exe. Here is how you do it. Go to your home ET folder (c:\program files\wolfenstein: enemy territory\). Right click and select NEW TEXT DOCUMENT. Open it and copy paste the following in there: del etmain\profiles\-x-Gen.Atlas\ del etpro\profiles\-x-Gen.Atlas\ del shrubet\profiles\-x-Gen.Atlas\ ET.exe %* Replace -x-Gen.Atlas with the name on your profile folder. Save as et.bat Place shortcut on your desktop. This is a permanent workaround for your screen resolution problem. Be sure to set your resolution BEFORE you create and execute this. Also be sure to add the name of any other mod folder that you have for ET (etpro, shrubet, etc..)


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Dude, he's using XP so he can run the following to get rid of ALL profile.pids instaead iof just at the locations you suggest:

C: cd "\program files\wolfenstein: enemy territory\" del /s