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#1 16 years ago

We have an up and coming ET server where all are welcome to bring their hacks and play. The problem is we cannot figure out how to get infinite ammo and medic packs. We change the config lines to 1,000 and it works for like two days and then it just stops working. Please advise.

The name of the server is =45thID= XP FOREVER and the IP is

We usually have pretty heavy traffic from lunch EST till about 4 or 5pm and we are pretty heavy throughout the weekend. Our first server was georanked number 1 by serverspy but we had to change IPs.

So, like I said all hacks are welcome... bring your best because many of our regulars have personally modified aimbots including but not limited to IceBot and Ipprokka...

Our maps are as follows:





SUPER GOLDRUSH FINAL (again... in an effort to attract newcomers)



RANDOM CUSTOM MAP OF THE MONTH (lol... should be voilegarde or braundorf)

Come on and come all! Tell and bring a friend please... see you there!