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22nd June 2006

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#1 14 years ago

simple really. sv_pure "1" is on and sv_pure "0" is off. right? On : they can not cheat and have to d/l files I put onto server if they want to play (ie, maps and so on) Off : They can use aimbots and cheat to high heaven. Question : Server is set to sv_pure "1", i now have two sets of skins on the server (SS and British Corps). I advertise that the server is now running the skins and they will be asked to be d/l'd when connecting (3megs each). I have had loads of ppl saying they enjoy the skins, but a few asking what is it all about, as they notice no difference? I have also had some ppl stating that someone is using Aimbots or the suchlike on the server. Now this could just be some LEET baby upset that he was killed, but if this is not so and someone is cheating, with the server still being pure is it the skins somehow letting this in. So i need some feedback here : already done a google search on sv_pure, not much help : Is the sv_pure 1 correct, if so, how come some ppl are not promted to d/l the files (they don't have installed already) and revert back to standard skins. And do i need to worry about cheating on the server with me using custom files (one the door a crack, and it all floods in?) Thank you in advance