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7th August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

:deal: d00ds , i got the strangest problem , never heard anyone else mention this , and so far , nobody seems to be able to help. You people are my last hope. The deal is that my ping in ET is FAKE or somethin. I mean usually i hear the hitsound during the sound of the smg that im shooting , now it's way off , im missing EVERYTHING , can't hit sh*t no more , while ping is still 30 - 40 like usual, lagometer is normal , fps is 90 - 125 , packetmeter is fine. And when i strafe for example, i see the bullet tracers fly out of the air from my side somewhere and fly hell knows where, whereas usually i wouldn't even notice them (they would be on of course in the cfg). I have tried everything , i even called my internet company to come fix my sh*t. They say they fixed something , but it's still slowpoke. I've asked everyone and nobody seems to have ever heard of scuh a thing and therefore can't help. I really hope some of you guys can help me =>:0wned: . Yea and btw , i have the tightest PC , so it's not hardware related , it's not internethardware related , and the internet itself works perfectly i mean i DL at the highest speed that i can go at , i surf like i always do , it's just ET , oh and i have tested RTCW , and it's the same old problem. The key to life i to B-Real :smokin: