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5th January 2004

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#1 13 years ago

{SAS} Strategic Assault Specialists have been around for nearly 10 yrs now. Starting out on the PC as a bunch of guys that just got together to play and relax after a hard days work it has evolved and grown into a tradition and a legacy for some. It's first game was Doom and Counter-Strike for PC which I'm sure most everyone remembers, but how many remember playing the multiplayer using your old dial-up connections? These guys do... Eventually UT and Quake III came out and along with it, it's mods such as Tac Ops and True Combat which is what the clan is really known for. During these game's brilliant life {SAS} came alive and showed it's true colors by demolishing everyone that stood in it's way. If you ever played these games you either loved, hated or strived to be {SAS}. Some of you may have thought that after these games died out, so did the clan. You couldn't be more wrong...

Today we're broadening our horizons and expanding. We still hold strong to out PC roots with Counter Strike: Source, Half-Life 2 Team Death Match and other Half-Life 2 mods such as POA beat and Weapons Factory Beta as well as keeping True Combat going by hosting both a public and private server for that game. But now we have also branched out into the world of consoles with Halo 2, which our clan holds the #1 spot in the CAL delta division. And of course this post is mainly in recruitment for F.E.A.R. so we will focus more on this new division now.....

It is recommended that you have strong experience in CTF game play. We have a 16 man server and we also have dedicated public and private Team Speak and Ventrilo servers (See current clan servers list below)

We are not a clan of utter complete competitiveness anymore, we are in this for fun, Don't get me wrong, we never shy away from competition if our members want to be involved in league play. But if your looking for a chill backed clan, then we are an option for you. Nearly all of our members are in their late 20's to early 40's and are in or have been in the U.S. Military. We are looking for similar in new members.

Here your chance to be part of our great F.E.A.R. division and join a clan that has a proven track record and has also been around for a while.

Finally if any of this interests you please feel free to stop by our website at />/> From there you can browse our forums, register and put in your application to join. Some find it confusing to put in the application, this link is located in teh vWar module on the left hand side of the home page marked as "Join Us". This is a requirement for membership as well as an introduction post in the introductions and recruiting section of the forums.

Anyway, thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from all of you and this being another great new chapter in our clan history.

P.S. Here is the current list of game servers we are hosting: F.E.A.R. Server name: {SAS}Clan Server USA Server Address:

Battlefield 2 (Ranked) Server name: {SAS}Clan Server USA Server Address:

Battlefield 2 (Match & Practice Only) Server name: {SAS}Match Server Server Address: Point of Exsistance Server name: {SAS}Clan Server USA POE2 Server Address:

Counter-Strike:Source Server name: {SAS}Clan Server #1 Server Address:

Quake 4 CTF (Instagib ) Server name: BodyBaggers Insta CTF Server Address:

Weapons Factory 2 for HL2 (Alpha Test Server ) Server name: BodyBaggers WF2 Alpha Server Address:

TrueCombat Private Server name: {SAS}Clan Server Server Address:

TrueCombat Public Server name: BodyBaggers Server Address: TeamSpeak Server name: {SAS}Clan Server Server Address: