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18th December 2005

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#1 12 years ago

Hi! I represent BigBadTeam. BBT is a multi gaming community, and once you are in the clan you can pretty much play any game with the clan. At the moment we are desparatly looking for new FEAR squad members as we only have two. Our other games such as CS:S, BF2, GW have many members.

I am not the leader but I am Squad leader for the FEAR section of the clan and I hope to recruit a good solid amount of players who are dedicated and ready to pratice and perform in matches.

We are looking for 18+ players (you might be able to get by being a little younger it depends). Most of the clan is in Europe, but America is fine (im in the USA). You should be mature and ready to practice and play and of course not cheat.

Reply to this thread, visit and sign up for FEAR or email me at [email][/email] for more info. Tryout not really needed. But talk to "bigbadt" as he is the overall leader of the clan about joinin and tell him Sackynut recruited you.

We plan on getting a full foreced FEAR squad going! have a nice day!


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#2 11 years ago

Hi, I am very intrested in join your clan. i have many usefull skills that i think will become usefull to the clan. I can design websites and graphics, and i think i could improve the FEAR Clan site. I think i am alright at fear as i always rate, at least in the top 4. i can be contact on the below MSN/hotmail [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Email (work) [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Email (Home) [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] i do have Xfire but i am not sure on what my name or stuff is on it. i will be at work for the rest of the day and i am always on my hotmail acount.