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#1 14 years ago

PHS is a brand new clan with experienced gamers (C&C Renegade, CS:S, CS 1.6, BF2, UT2004, etc.). [COLOR=MediumTurquoise] [COLOR=Black][COLOR=red]What does PHS stand for?[/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=Black] [/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=green][COLOR=Green]-Punching Headshots Clan.[/COLOR] [/COLOR] [COLOR=red]How do you enroll?[/COLOR] [COLOR=green]-As of right now, we have open enrollment to new members and community supporters. So please, feel free to join our forums for more information.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]Who are we?[/COLOR] [COLOR=green]-We are a young striving community. We have 2 admins, [PHS]KooLKATUK and myself, [PHS]f1vebot. KooLKATUK is located in the UK while I am located in North America. We have experience in moderating servers as well as gaming forums. Above all else, we are 2 of the most laid back admins you may possibly ever meet. Our current members are all players from the same community (ren-archive which KooL and I still moderate at) and we all are very tight knit and supportive of one another.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]Is your clan currently affiliated in any leagues?[/COLOR] [COLOR=green]-For the time being, we are not a "serious" gaming clan. We will scrim eventually against other clans, but for the time being, we enjoy killing each other with unarmed attacks icon_mrgreen.gif .[/COLOR]

So if you're looking to expand your friendships and meet a bunch of good guys just playing in a clan together for fun, feel free to apply at PHS.

Thanks for your time,


you may reach me by the following for any more information. [COLOR=white]xfire: f1vebot[/COLOR] [COLOR=yellow]aim: speeding hazard[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]msn: f1vebot @[/COLOR]