MetaThesis Pro Gaming Clan: Recruiting for F.E.A.R. Division -1 reply

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#1 13 years ago

Hi to all those who are clanless, love the game of fear, or currently in a clan but looking for a better team. Then MetaThesis is the right clan for you to join the members of meta have all been playing F.E.A.R for awhile since it had first come out and now are looking for some more gamers to join the team. MetaThesis a.k.a meta is a multi-gaming clan the games mainly played in the clan are fps but are looking to expand into rpg. But for the time being we are recruiting for F.E.A.R. If you'd like to join the requirement would be to have xfire and able to make clan matches, scrims, and practices so if anyone is interested post in our forums that are currently up Metathes1s Pro Gaming Forums the clan site it self is under some construction but will be complete shortly. But feel free to drop by and check out the forums. Also if you have xfire or are gonna get an xfire add me shadowsoldier85