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#1 11 years ago

[COLOR=darkorange]Whats up guys, I'm from the =EliteUnit= gaming community. We are [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkorange][/COLOR] [COLOR=darkorange]currently seeking MATURE players to fill some spots on our roster. All of [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkorange][/COLOR] [COLOR=darkorange]us at EliteUnit are very Team Work orientated and like to have a good [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkorange][/COLOR] [COLOR=darkorange]time in a non pressured invironment.[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]We currently have, 3 Ranked [/COLOR] [COLOR=red][/COLOR] [COLOR=red]BF2142 servers, a Ranked BF2 server, A Ghost Recon Advanced [/COLOR] [COLOR=red][/COLOR] [COLOR=red]WarFighter server, and a F.E.A.R Combat server. [/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]Our members ages [/COLOR] [COLOR=blue][/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]range from 17 to 40, there are mostly adults in our community and we [/COLOR] [COLOR=blue][/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]do have an age limit of 16yrs. to join. Our community is very friendly [/COLOR] [COLOR=blue][/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]and a great place to game. [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkgreen]And, you are GUARANTEED access to the [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkgreen][/COLOR] [COLOR=darkgreen]servers, There is always someone on at all times to let you in to our [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkgreen][/COLOR] [COLOR=darkgreen]servers. So what are ya waiting for, come on by and check us out at, [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkgreen][/COLOR] [COLOR=darkgreen] . Its well worth the trip. [/COLOR] Again, its, .