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#1 12 years ago

I finally downloaded the demo. In the begging of the demo starts off were the ending of FEAR left off, But what the hell happened to my crew did Almla kill them and you just got lucky, Or the Demo Cut out what really happend? Also when you see Fetals dead body there was someone beside him I'm guessing it could be Almla correct? Anyone know what the hell those wall walkers are? They scare the crap out of me evertime :eek: Has anyone ever found power ups or scret places in the Demo? I looked and I couln't find any. About the Graphics. It looks exatlly like the oringaal FEAR except they have used a new textuer for the subway station walls witch looked nice. There were 2 big laggy spots I noticed the frist laggy spot was after you crawl through the vent and you got to trun off the gas to go up the stairs there was tunes of lag. The other big laggy spot was were you fight those freakey LED red eyed ghosts. To slove the problem I had to trun off 2xAA witch made the game look ugly. So I kept it on. EP runs butter smooth with 2xAA untill I get to those 2 spots.


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#2 12 years ago

i didnt had lags but indeed the graphics looks the same as before and thats great! Also indeed dude, i came that chamber in full with blood and i heard nothing, suddenly i went forward and i saw in the distance a red glowing eye walking fast to the other side.. ME WTF :D Suddenly eyes coming towards me! And i didnt had any bullets :lolpoint: I killed them and when i entered the subway i saw suddenly the girl and all those creatures!! Me moving my mouse but nothing happened :D