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#1 13 years ago

This wraps up the ending and now I'll continue with "prequels" so to speak of the earlier levels I've yet to capture to video. I was a bit disappointed that FEAR, being the excellent shooter it is, ended with two levels that are more a typical attempt at RPG type scare tactics than the nice shooting scenarios earlier in the game.

The scritpted health loss that can't be avoided and has no clear explanation in The Vault and Ground Zero are far from scary to me and just frustrating to those whom like a shootout that makes sense. Some of the ghost scenes are an exception, especially where they move fast and in numbers.

Rather than post a lot of screenshots and explanations to validate the lack of anything visible causing the health loss like I did in the write up for The Vault, I'll suffice it to say I DID find a couple sound files in the game that are designated something like "unseen force."

Though Alma is present in all 3 of the scripted health losses in Ground Zero, she doesn't have to be anywhere near you or swatting at you for it to happen. Entering the 1st door and opening the 2nd in the room of fire, as well as finishing her off in the hallway thereafter all drop you one health point each, even if she's several feet away from you and just standing there.

There is definitely a force that wisks you into and out of the room of fire when you get to the threshhold of the 1st door and open the 2nd. You can inch forward to a certain point then let go of the controls and you move via this force. It is at that exact moment you lose 1 health point in each spot.

I was having some trouble with image quality using the same Game Cam settings I did on The Vault, so this one is made with Fraps using 1280x800 res and half size (640x400) capture. I set Fraps to 25 FPS but it struggled in some places slightly below 20. It didn't seem to noticably affect the smoothness of the video though and the image quality is pretty good.

I used a higher video bit rate for compression as well at 2.6Mbps so it came out to about 106MB vs the 90 or so it would have been with the previous method. The only thing I can attest to what may cause the difference in image quality I was getting between The Vault and Ground Zero is a possible difference in lighting and/or textures.

Level time roughly 6:08, mode Extreme, 3 health points lost to the "X" factor, music is H. by Tool.

Ground Zero: Interval 11