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20th August 2007

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#1 10 years ago

my bud just sent me the platinum collection a few days ago.. fear is pretty sweet.ya its a few years old now.. i had played the demo like 2 years ago. and last year played some of the fear combat. but i needed a 2gig memory kit to have less or no problems running the game..tho i did not notice problems be for.. but i had all ways read folks had trouble with the game and 2 gigs of memory was best..so. any way.. it came patched to 1.8 its dvd so fear is the directors cut version and seems to run and it looks pretty sweet to me..i think the fx are great.. the smoke trails and blast or explosion fx and gun fire.. lighting and shadows are all really good i think.. some of the fx makes me think of cod4 another sweet game.. i just started playing..i will play all 3 parts as they came out. so. im still learning the game..i made a few test vids..i think after i play all 3 parts i might up skill level some and record a complete play through of all 3 games.. not so much to show off any skills or all of the games secretes or anything like that..but more to show the beauty of the game and the action is sweet..i use them like training videos.. im playing at high to maximum settings and low skill.. i think fear makes some sweet vids..i wish cod4 would let me make vids of it..it will not start if zdsoft is running:rolleyes::) hope you like them.. see ya:) YouTube - ezeht's Channel FEAR Playlist..> YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.