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27th June 2005

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#41 14 years ago

You and the clone soldiers dont have differnt weapons because you are in the same organization. They were jelping F.E.A.R see if you were infact a super soldier, and they cloned the replicas from you. So it just makes sense that you and them would have the same weapons. Yes i would like have the modded M4 gun from the cover that one of the guys is holding. More power, higher rate of fire more durable, more ammunition, and also looks cooler to. The problem with this game is that there wasnt enough guns, but like said before its because everyone in that game is in the organization, hard to believe. But i beat it like 6 times so i kinda get every bit of the story and i paid mroe attention to the details then the full story. The details tell you more about whats going on then the full story. Im outty peace.


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27th November 2005

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#42 14 years ago

Ok here is what I think.Fettel went crazy because he wanted revenge for what they did to his mom(alma)cuz in the comic(dir.ed.)she tells fettel that they used him and her and that they deserve to die for what they have done.So the first origin project(you)failed so they discarded it(I'm not sure what they did)and fettel is your brother because he is always saying you and me are one and that you were both born here(in a hospital room..the one in your visions)so basicly in the end the 2nd origin project(fettel) dies becuz you killed him and well the project fails.So out of that the first origin becomes a total success.There are some clues in the begining that your special because that F.E.A.R operative guys sends you to investigate even though your new just because your reflexes are of the charts.Anyways they artificially inseminated alma when she was in a coma so she had two babies while in a coma(i think)SO basicly fettel kills everyone for revenge...for anger that his own mother was used in such a way. so thats what i think


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15th June 2004

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#43 14 years ago

yeah, thats prob right addicted hamster, what i want to know is how does jankwoski {SP?} die, i pretty sure he does dies. but how, and by who?


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1st November 2005

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#44 14 years ago

Janwoski is killed either by Paxton or Alma sometime when you enter the water treatment faucility.(or know as "Bad Water") He dropped out of contact somewhere in interval 3-5.

I looked this stuff up on wikipedia so just go there and seardh fear and it should tell you everything.


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#45 14 years ago

i finished it too :D who dropped the "you know what" at the end?


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23rd January 2006

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#46 14 years ago
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Your character is Alma's baby. And you have to kill your mother

Dude she is already dead