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20th September 2004

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#1 15 years ago

Well 1st of all i had no idea about this demo i was very suprised to see it out. Before i bought world of warcraft which has drained a ton of my life i was looking a lot at this and S.T.A.L.K.E.R and checking their progress. I'm mainly way more interested in Stalker but this seems pretty cool too. From playing it, the gameplay and the graphics remind me a ton of doom 3. The graphics to the weapons, to the action it reminds me a lot of it. I know the stories are completely different but the dark corridors, and the character graphics, the bump mapping and how everything looks pretty waxy reminds me a lot of it. I hear a lot of people saying this game has better graphics that half-life 2 i disagree. People say this is a demo but it will not change that much. I like how with hl2 graphics everything looks much more solid and dry and not a slippery surface. Like the pours on g-man's face i dont think this engine can reproduce things like that. Also thats a large reason why i like stalker graphics because it reminds me of hl2 lol. This demo didnt really scare me at all, i jumped when that thing flew threw the window not because it was scary but because it was unexpected. If a cute little puppy was thrown in my face i would jump also, if all of a sudden someone blew an airhorn behind my head i would jump etc. Just like in doom 3 it was scary in the beginning but you started to just about expect everything which is what i believe will probably be the same with this game and it will slowly become predictable. BUT the problem with d3 is that it was the same setting basically thru out the whole game and even with this demo you go outside. SOOOO IMO i believe this game can be a fast paced game with an allright storyline but for now it doesnt seem so revolutionary or differnt. i thought the ai was pretty good how they would rush you and go for cover but its nothing too hard that someone who plays a lot of online shooters can't handle. I might buy this i might not, i just really regret buying d3 and i think this is too close to it. Interested in your replys.


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23rd October 2004

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#2 15 years ago

The graphics were shiny but not waxey, not necessarily more realistic than Half Life 2's but certainly more advanced technologically. As for the story it should make for a very scary game, with different settings and many things that haven't been released to the public yet. The most info we have is the 4 level preview, I imagine the game will have at least 12 levels so there's lots more to be discovered.