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#1 15 years ago
i dont know if it's just me but sometimes i just get the urge to shoot some stuff up and fear is the perfect game for the job. one problem though... there is no way of getting some good action instantly unless you spend a few hours making a saved game in a perfect killing spot. i dont have to time do do that and i am dissapointed that there is no option of playing against bots in a multiplayer game like you can with css. i hope oneday someone brings out a mod with the aim of giving people good stress relife in the form on a tonne of people to kill. i have never created a mod in my life because i simply dont have the time to learn how so im counting on the modders out there to please make a little mod which gives you a instant battle option.


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21st July 2005

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#2 15 years ago

Painkiller's better. More things to kill more often. Almost no slow parts. Instant gratification of massive carnage. Seriously, you wanna kill things you fire up Painkiller. Gold (CD) and Black (DVD) versions available for $30. Remember to patch it up after the install.


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11th December 2005

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#3 15 years ago

imo, killing mindlessly is great, but you prefer the enemy to be slightly more interesting than mere vegtables as they are in painkiller, i would think fear is perfect as when you kill something you feel its actually lived at one point and not just there for you to shoot.