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#1 12 years ago

Dear Coop Warfare Team,

Well, I already know that there is a coop mod for FEAR. The thing is... it'll get boring over time. What you do is kill enemy and get to the end and that's it. How about instead of just having one kind of coop, you can also have different kinds of coop.

I see that you're working on custom weapons on your beta of 0.7 coop. The flamethrower and the throwing knives are some of the custom weapons you are going to release. Well, that will be fun... but it'll still be a bit like the old one the more you play it. Same way of victory? Kill enemies and get to the end to win? Well, I have an idea in mind.

How about an invasion coop mod to come along with the current mod. The current coop mod is fine, but I might get bored of it in the mean time. How An invasion coop mod would be like this. There will be a countdown timer, and in a certain amount of time, a wave of enemies come. Instead of you coming to them, they come to you. What you do is you hold back to wave of enemy, if you die, you respawn. If the enemy reach their objective you lose (if possible to make). But mainly, they come to you and try to kill you in large hordes. After you defeat the first wave, go gather up some weapon and then wait for the next wave to come. Each wave just gets harder and harder until you reach the final wave. After the final wave, the game is over and the team wins. :D

By the way, I think a zombie warfare mod like the Call of Duty 4 zombie warfare mod is good. Well, it's just like what I just describe, sort of, except that they're zombies in wave instead of those dudes.

I hope the suggestions are good and useful. ;)