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#1 14 years ago

Hi guys Ive got some probs with my rootserver and coop warfare. I would host on the rootserver coop warfare too, but my problem is, that if i would host a coop game, then i have to host 2 times till the right server starts. If i host a dedicated coop warfare server, then my server is a retail server and not a coop server. After hosting the first one, i have to close the server and have to start the server with the server.exe After every change from the server, I have to host two times my server. Ive tried to upload the maps on the rootserver, but i cant find the right maps, the most maps are the ones from singleplayer modus. A friend told me, that i should only upload the new guns, but i dont belive that this would work for the peoples who doesnt have a coop version. Did u know something about that? THX for helping