Workaround for Patch 1.02 Game Not Loading. -1 reply

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#1 15 years ago

Unfortunately i guess for me, i bought the game on Thursday, patched right away.. 122meg patch...unbeleiveable. Anyway, rebooted pc.. couldnt load. This is the only way i can get the game to start... Goto drives, verify DVD can See the disk in the drive, ie it isnt list as a folder. Goto Start Menu>>Sierra>>Fear>>Config Utility>>Launch Fear If you don't see your mouse cursor change to the "reading disk" pointer. Reboot pc. Then try again. Alternatively. Remove dvd from drive. reboot, place dvd in drive, then either try play from the autorun or exit the disk autorun pop-up and use the config utility to run fear, the games executable has never worked for me since patching to 1.02 Note - The config utility via the dvd doesnt always get the game to load, only foolproof way i found is to use the link in start menu.. dunno why..dvd read error maybe?

Oh btw, this workaround isnt 100% it takes me serveral tries to get the game to run, going to install and patch to version 1 as the amount of attempts to get the game to run is frustrating.


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#2 15 years ago

Once you install a game (any game) play it at least once before installing any patch. If not, stuff like that will happen. Try an uninstall, then delete the FEAR game folder from your directory. Install again, after installing DO NOT install any patch. Reboot, and play the game and see if it works properly. Now you can install the patch.