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#1 1 year ago

Many people are aware that Fallout 4 contains a secret developer test room, which contains one of every item found within the game. Such dev rooms are not uncommon, and as you might expect, are used to debug items and how they interact within the game engine.

It turns out Fallout 76 also has such a test room, too, and despite there being no console for players to be able to access it, some clever gamers have managed to find their way in anyway, and made a few surprising discoveries as a result, according to Eurogamer.

Much like the Fallout 4 room, there's a lot of footlockers, weapons, items and food, as well as other interactive items like consoles, power armor stations, and so on. There's some interesting items in here, quite a few of which have not been made available in the main game world, at least as of yet. 

But perhaps the most surprising is a human NPC, of all things. Named "Wooby", he's a Level 1 human NPC, and while has very little to say, you can attack him and he will then behave accordingly, fleeing the player and behaving defensively.

The only issue with all of this is, unfortunately, the method used to access the room. While there's no known guide or instructions out in the wild, the few players who are privy to the method are suggesting it involves modding the game, something that is likely to go down poorly with Bethesda and hurt the modding community. We've gone past simple reskins if this is the case.

Even more worryingly is the suggestion that some of the players who made it in here are able to get back out again, stocked with all the rare and even unavailable items and weapons that can be found inside.

Suffice to say such actions would easily be considered cheating and it's a pretty risky thing to do as a result.

There's even been a black market opening up on Reddit with players attempting to sell these unreleased items, but have been quickly getting bans from the mods.

So, an interesting situation, and one that shows Bethesda may have been planning human NPC's for 76 at one stage, and made the decision to can them before release.

Danny King | Editor-in-Chief | GameFront.com