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#1 7 years ago

It's been almost 3 years since the release of Far Cry 2 and there has been news of Far Cry 3 coming out next year. So we've decided to hold one last event for map makers for FC2 on all platforms. Don't let Far Cry 2 go out without a bang. Make one last great creation for the FC2 community. FCMAPS and Cdeezgames are collaborating on the FC2 OWAB Event. FCMAPS will be primarily hosting the 360 side of the event and Cdeezgames will be hosting the PS3 side. PC entries will also be accepted because a lot of us have the capability to play all versions. FC2 OWAB contest PC FCMAPS 360 OWAB entries here. Here is my official section for the FC2 OWAB contest: FC2 OWAB contest at Cdeezgames

This Far Cry 2: Out With A Bang contest is more of a display of FC2 mapping talent. The last contest we will be holding before the release of Far Cry 3 should have some of the best mappers entering one last map for this awesome game.