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13th August 2004

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#1 6 years ago

I'm putting out my new mod, the Far Cry 2 Realistic Weapons Pack.

DL Link: Realistic Weapons Pack 1.1.1.zip | Game Front

Install instructions: Extract the .zip folder to anywhere you want. Take the patch.fat and patch.dat files, place them in your DataWin32 folder inside your Far Cry 2 directory and overwrite what's in there (save a backup!)

What you need: Far Cry 2 patch 1.03.

Weapons are much more deadly, much more accurate, and much more reliable. Enemies use weapons that they don't in the stock game (Like the M79 and AS50). The magazine capacity of most weapons has been corrected to fit the size of the magazine the game uses. For more info go to my original topic here:

Update: Realistic Weapons Mod 1.1 released!

Any feedback is much appreciated.