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28th March 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Okies one thing i hate about the sandbox is the creatin AI bondaries to stop AI goin where they shouldnt... But when i do it the points dont go where i say they should, and i end up with a triangle comin up vertically frrom under the ground :mad: :mad: :mad: Any1 got tips on how to place them???? Oh and also y wont vechiles respawn?? ... Can some 1 tell me how to do it?? I have MSN if u wanna chat about Mappin ETC.. Im also doin a MODDING AND EDITTING POST for a MOD team... so u can chat about that to.. [email=""][/email]


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#2 13 years ago

For the first part: are you talking about the AI boundary lines? Like making the said area where you don't want them to stray? That's in the default editor FAQ, under the singleplayer section. It's also explained in great detail in the default AI Manual. The AI Manual is in the root 'help' folder. It's a big document, but if you're into singleplayer, you should definitely read it.

For the second part: respawning vehicles like the buggy is simple. Put down the vehicle somewhere on land, usually a level plane, the select Phoenix object from Entity/Mulitplayer. Put it down near the vehicle. Then select the buggy and scroll down to the second to last box in the properties window. Select 'OnDeath' then 'PickNew,' then while the buggy is highlighted, click on the phoenix object. A line will created from the Phoenix to the buggy. Make sure the Phoenix is set it 'OnReset'. That's all!

If you want to place multiple buggies/boats/etc, just do the procedure once and then copy [CTRL-C] and paste where ever [CTRL-V]. The Phoenix object is what gives your vehicle new life when destroyed. You can't see the results of the respawn in the editor, you have to run the full game with the map.

This is all in the Default Editing FAQ. You should read that first, like all the FAQs, especially 'Swoop & Aeon' before you go asking questions online. Just a suggestion. :D