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#1 15 years ago
sgall2775Hi i was looking at a forum a few days back and there was talk of a work around, using hdr and aa in farcry with nvidea hardware, using supersampling aa is this true. I tried enabling hdr and supersampling in the options gfx card options and the game doesnt look like its using aa but the hdr does work . 7800gtx 256mb.

Can you post a link to the forum you saw it on? Also, Nvidia does not do AA as well as ATI. You may only have the option of 2x AA with HDR using an Nvidia card, and 2x AA with Nvidia is not much different than no AA. I'll tell you why, because Nvidia shows more jagged edges without AA engaed than ATI does without AA. When you enable 2x AA in Nvidia, it looks about like ATI does with no AA.;)