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Well there were actually 7 glider rides total, as there was one at the end of The Gauntlet, and two more will be included in my just finished Archipelago video of the entire Boat level. This one is special though, so I thought it fitting to call it the last in the series even though it's only the forth installment. This is both an entertainment video, and my way of telling you what is totally unecessary in the Boat level, and can easily get you killed engaging enemies that don't need to be. The second clip is an alternate beginning to Archipelago, and though another unecessary side trip in this level, it can be usefull if you forgot to pick up the AG36 towards the end of Regulator. Last but not least, I couldn't resist playing with the Happy Hummer, doing mad stunts to my heart's content. Music is by Iron Maiden in each clip. The songs in order of appearance are, Where Eagles Dare, The Trooper, and The Evil That Men Do. I was going to use Molly Hatchet's Flirtin' With Disaster for the Hummer Stunts clip, but then I realized it's wicked to want to wreck a Hummer, they're so cool. 35.gif The first two clips are viewable in up to 800 pixel size, but made for and sharper at 640, the last in up to 640 size, but made for 480 enjoy. icon_wink.gifGlider Ride Part Shore (Ten mercs & a site for eyes sore) Archipelago Alternate Beginning (Six mercs & a botty worth winning) The Primitive Merc [url=](You call that work?!!!) Hummer Stunts [url=](Takin' toys from the grunts!) I hope to have a sponsor to host my Archipelago video in a week or less, which is 146MB and about 13:38 in length. I currently have two likely prospects, both of whom have already offered to, so it may be posted soon. One of them is the admin for Filefront's FarCryFiles, whom saw my first glider video on the Ubisoft Far Cry Movie Makers forum, and decided to post it on his site. I am still awaiting response from both parties, but will have it up as soon as I get some help hosting it.