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#1 16 years ago

Hello everyone at gaming forums. I just wanted to bring to your attention the new up and coming mod. We would appriciate comments and suggestions from the public, so please visit our forums via the cerebrus protocol homepage.

Far Cry Modification: The Cerebrus Protocol ( www.cerebrusprotocol.com ) A single player expansion to the original far cry storyline. Visit us on irc: Server: irc.omecron.net Channel: #FC:CP

Story summary Set during the events of Far Cry, you find yourself in the shoes of trigen test subject Bruce Murphy, when the power goes out in one of the main facilities bruce takes the opportunity to escape, only to find himself caught up in a deadly conspiracy and soon learns that he doesn't have long before his mutation takes a hold on him. With the clock ticking and an army of mercs bearing down upon him, it's up to bruce to find a cure and escape this living hell! General Targets for mod: - Play through 14 exhilarating missions (although that’s only estimation on the mission count currently) - Follow an ever twisting story and help Bruce learn the truth. - Traverse dense jungles and deadly underground facilities in all new far cry style maps. - Use your Trigen mutation to your advantage to tackle some of the more challenging aspects of the single player missions. - Get your hands on a host of new weaponry including harpoon guns and silenced pistols. - Battle a host of new enemies including Trigen dogs and other trigen mutations - Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water... (I.e. sharks) - A host of new vehicles to get from A to C whilst avoiding B - Original Sound and Music for a more in depth world experience.



Please, if you have any talent in the required areas stated below, please apply via the url.

We are always looking for skilled people to come join us. If you are interested in joining the team Please go to: http://www.zoetic.co.uk/?fp=jobs When applying, please provide the following information: Full Name Age Nickname Skills Previous Experience All applications will be assessed by the team and jobs be offered to successful candidates. available positions (rough estimations of the required team)... Game LUA Scripting - x1 Character Concept Art - x1 Location Concept Art - x1 Modellers - x2 Animators - x2 Mappers - x1 Textures / GFX - x1 Music & Special Effects - x1 Voice Actors (head casting)- x1

if you have any ideas for the mod in any area, then we are more than willing to discuss them and potentially implement them into the game. Please visit www.cerebrusprotocol.com/forums/ and post in the suggestions forum. Thanks for reading :)

Regards Stringed_Evil (Lead Music & Special Effects)


I didn't make it!

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#2 16 years ago

We have released a few new images and models... you view them at