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#1 11 years ago

Hiya. I completed and uploaded the long-overdue CompletionProductionandReleaseGuide [CPRG] for FarCry. http://n88tr.net/completion/

What does it to? I load up an unfinished map from DesignerMapPack 4 [MP_Splash], complete it step by step with supporting text and images from the editor itself.

Why did you do this? To show new mappers who might have trouble with completing maps [or from my DesignerMapPacks that people have downloaded] and releasing them, I did it for them.

Future versions? Yes, after making MP_Heated, I figured I could make a better guide using a smaller map like MP_Heated. I'm going to start work on version 2.0 either today or tomorrow. Not that 1.0 is rough, but it could be better. :)

Thanks and leaves comment or question if you want!