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10th February 2004

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#1 13 years ago

I remeber posting a while back [few months, I think] about what ppl thought about my maps. I don't think I got any responses, so I hope you all don't think it too big of me to show how I stay inspired in regard to FC mapping. I have folder in 'my docs/my pictures' where I keep tons of .jpegs of tropical islands, other ppl's FC work [if its good and I keep wanting to look at the screenshot I took], vacation pictures, etc. It keeps me thinking, 'hey, could I do that?' or 'that's a cool looking beach/hut complex, it'd fit in real nice if I was to make a map.' That's the kind of thinking that goes through my mind. I've been mapping for over a 6 months, and I go to the college library to sit and sketch out ideas [when I have some free time] and then a few weeks [or months] later, BOOM, the map is done. I don't have to stick 100% to the drawing, but that's the fun thing about mapping; you don't have to have a plan. Sometimes you can wing it and get really good results, but I think most times, a strong theme is much better than presentation. Anyways, here's what that special folder looks like. farcry_get_inspired.jpg I would reccommend all mappers/aspiring mappers to have a similar folder somewhere on their computers, where they can sit and day dream about what they want to make. I got the pictures from and I searched 'green island,' 'bora bora,' 'thahiti,' 'florida keys,' 'great barrier reef,' 'tropical island,' etc. Good luck mapping and researching, all.


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#2 12 years ago

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