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#1 13 years ago

can anyone give me a list of things (even links) to the programs that make any on the title? please reply

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#2 13 years ago

There are a few great modders out there that can answer you, be patient, they'll respond


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#3 13 years ago

For Farcry: Sandbox is included. And manuals for it. Download other help guides like Aeon&Swoops guide, Ben's Small MP Bible, etc. [Link for those on my site under 'Links'] Aeon&Swoop Tutorial: Ben's Small MP Bible [For all games, not just Farcry]: Photoshop Customization tips: Adobe Photoshop .DDS Plugin[For skin/loadscreen editing]:;37136 If you want to customize more or import made models from like Maya or 3DSMAX, you'll need the SDK. You can get that and the other tutorials from Filefront.

For Halflife 2: Use Steam to install the Hammer program and the SDK. Get help from Wiki at under the 'Tutorials' Section.

For Unreal Tournament 2004: SDK and map-creation software comes with the retail game. UnrealED. Get help from or Here's a link for UT2004 modding and much more:

For Quake 3: A little old, but still fun. Get help from and Haven't mapped in Q3 for a long time, but it's pretty easy. Much easier than Farcry or HL2. But I think lighting is more important in Q3.

Most importantly, I think, is experimentation. If you don't know what a button/option does, try it! The most important thing in mapping I think is A SOLID PLAN OF WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. For this, read Ben's Small MP Bible. It goes into great detail. I am currently done with a TDM Farcry map that illustrates this perfectly. Screens of that later. Good luck mapping/modding/customization/etc.!