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10th February 2004

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#1 13 years ago

Yeah it's been sometime, but here's my review. Some SPOILERS in here, so watch out.

Breif overview: Medium sized night-time map with a lot of detail and very detailed undergroud compartments. Not for your 800mhz 'puter.

Visuals/GFX = 10/10. No surprise. Scripting = 10/10. Very nice. Can see a lot of work went into the map. Slow motion; can't beat it. I Paraed em' down like a hot knife through buttah. Weapons = New weapons! Really really cool. I don't know jack about modelling, but if I did I'd churn them out. But there is too much of a loadout for the player intially. Honestly, all you need is the silenced pistol. Health = Health is kinda scarce in the beginning, before you get indoors or in a cave, then it's every 100 feet. Way too much I think. AI = 6/10. Damn dumb IMHO. Especially in the cargo loading bay [with the platform held on by the chains] I know it was either Uber-smart in the dark or Uber-dumb, but it would've been nice to have them a wee bit more alert. Save points = 10/10 Well placed. No complaints from me. Overall = 9.5/10. Bad [insensitive, unalert, unpursuing] AI really brings down the score, but it's hard to hurt a wonderful map like this too much.

Good: 1. Attention to detail. Matto is known for it and he doesn't let you down. 2. Good flow to the map, mostly. 3. Caves. IMHO they're hard to do, but Matto keeps the axises the same, so I figured out my problem. But the caves really add that Farcry feel. 4. Easy to get distracted, but it doesn't really matter since there's no time limit, and being distracted in Farcry [to go do something else that looks interesting] is always a big plus for me. 5. Easily overlookable, but the Custom KILLER introduction. Making your own startup .bik movies is very do-able, but few people DO IT. Very nice. 6. The little things. The things that make a Matto map a Matto map. The big ass sniper rifle on the table hints at a new weapon, the drawing of jack throwing a rock and the merc confusedly looking for him, all the little things. 7. Slow motion after going down the elevator. Gotta play it to believe it. 8. No mutants. That's a good thing in my book.

Bad: 1. Map doesn't feel at all plausible. It'd be hard for him to change that now, but I think it hurts the map. 2. Beginning weapon loadout is too much. Players start out with silenced pistol, P90, knife, etc and there aren't too many enemies to start with on the island. 3. Enemies are numberable and in concentrated groups. Predictable. Where there's light, there's some mercs. That seems to be the determining factor. 4. With the absence of light comes some confusion. Yes those binoculars really come in handy. Imagine playing without them [madman]. That would be really to real for me. Player relies too much on binoculars in terms of seeing what is up ahead. 5. IMHO, the enemies are much dumber. I don't know why, Matto maps, the short history of them, the AIs weren't insanely hard like Madman but I feel they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. 6. When I have to plant the charge, I got lost trying to find where to put the silly thing. It's rare for me to get lost in a SP map, and I'm sure others did too. Not anything catastrophic, but a little TABed hint would be appreciated.

Ugly: 1. Ugly? Well, the map is IMHO, a hell of a lot smaller than Matto2. He did say that it wasn't really what he wanted to release but he did anyway [which I can understand completely]. I really missed the SPRAWLING map from Matto2, the Happy Tree Friends music in the shipping building, the water fall, the custom radio tracks, everything. 2. All the missions are confined to one island. To me it's kind of ...I don't want to say lazy, but it is. I can see that it still all fits nicely into the one big ass island, but spreading it out wouldn't kill him. 3. Maybe this belongs to number 1, but the map feels really confined to me. Trees and buildings are all within 10 yards. I miss the OPENESS and the FREEDOM from previous maps. [As you can probably tell, I love Matto 2.]

Conclusion: I am a nit-picker. I am a harsh critic. This is the first Matto 3 review. The map is very detailed in the visual catagories as well as scritping and use of physics. Trademark Matto humor abound. New weapons are cool and not "gimmicks" like Crymod says they are. [bring out yer own guns. bitchez.] Map is overall very nice but some small things hold it back from a 10/10. Definitely reccommend it. Much replayability. I completely missed the caves on the right until I saw the credits.

Final Score 9.5/10