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26th May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

What I would like to see (if possible) is a MOD allowing the carrying of demolition charges and a wrench, besides four weapons. The limit that we have to put up with now is a pain in the @$$ (if ya now what I mean;) ). I'd also like to see maps (MP/SP) that have doors that work (all doors on map). I keep trying to open the ones I see and keep getting disapointed. I think it would add to the realism if they worked and allowed you to enter tunnels/corridors Etc.. The last is that the Mini guns should be able to be depressed lower than they do currently, especially when on a hight. They are also on some maps limited as swing which in some cases is very unrealistic. I'll look forward these or simular changes in future.:lol: Tks. Dead Man Killing