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20th May 2004

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Concept Behind The Last Hope The concept behind The Last Hope once it grew into a large scale Total Conversion is simple. The TLH Team is trying to bring a very fun, realistic, and intense war modification to the community. Our concept of all the nations isn't just to represent every aspect of World War 2, but to bring you a handful of what we feel to be the most action packed, intense, or interesting scenarios from the different theaters of the war in a great amount of detail. We're planning on including every theater; from the beginning to the end. Although you may not a chance to lead a group of Russians down the streets of Stalingrad in the initial release, you will have every feature we plan on from vehicles to iron sites in the initial release. Making later releases in a series of patches we call Nation Packs, much easier and smoother. Nation Packs Nation Packs are our system of releasing more and more content to the community. They act like an expansion pack, or patch. They'll include the new nations along with their maps, models, sounds and audio to be built on top of the existing gameplay and concept we develop in the initial release. Nation Packs are released in patch form, they include bug fixes as well. However, there are smaller bug-fixing patches that will be released in between Nation Pack releases. Environment The development team of The Last Hope will go to great lengths to present a very graphic, intense, and detailed environment for our modification. We'll pay as much detail as we can to various little things that can really add to the setting, such as a light rainfall, fully dynamic skyboxes, newspapers and desks scattered over an abandoned train station lobby. We also plan on some maps for weather to change dynamically, maybe change from a sunny afternoon with dark clouds looming in the distance, to a light rainfall, eventually into a downpour. With the Cry Engine, we really hope to create a terrific environment, in terms of visual effects, feel and real world physics, as well as audio. Stamina Our stamina system is unique in that it almost draws from elements you would find in RTS, or RPG games. Your Health and Stamina pools both max out at 100, if you're shot or damaged, your health pool is drained down to something like: 35/100. However, whenever you're damaged, your stamina is damaged in a different way, you're stamina would be changed to something like: 30/60, it'll regenerate back up, it's max ability has been lowered from 100 to 60. You'll no longer be able to sprint as long, or be as active. A medic can always heal your stamina as long as it's max count is above 50. If your stamina falls to something like: 10/45, you can no longer be helped by a medic. Your health, however can be healed back to 100 as long as a medic finds you. If your stamina keeps falling, you become weaker and weaker, you wont be able to aim straight, weapon sway and breathing will become heavier, and your avatar character will be falling apart right before you. Recon Classes' Player and Vehicle Reinforcements Whenever a player playing as a recon class requests, for example, additional engineers, all engineers on the server that respawn after that request is made, are given a way point to where the recon player designates (pointing his binoculars at). Another way to get these waypoints without the need to respawn is to find a radio, or someone with a radio and press the use key and you'll automatically get all current waypoints. This can be done quickly, and not bother the recon player. Engineers that complete waypoints are given more points than other normal objectives. Engineers also respawn faster, the actual percent depending on the number of requests that are out for engineers from multiple recon players. If the demand for engineers is high enough, engineers will respawn very quickly. The recon player can also request a tank with a bulldozer to clear the road, the request is sent to Armor Commanders in their vehicle's radio. There, they can bring up a small UI and either verify, or deny the request. If they verify the request, a tank with a bulldozer attachment will roll onto the map at a designated vehicle point. Armor Commanders and Vehicle Spawn Points On several maps in TLH, it's an option to move the supply line forward, and let your team's vehicles spawn further up towards the front lines. A Vehicle Spawn point acts somewhat like a Capture Point flag in the actual gametype. To capture a vehicle point, your team must set off two flares, or two smoke grenades near the Vehicle Spawn. From then on, all new requested vehicles will roll from their spawn point off map, along their scripted route to the players, from there a player can hop in the vehicle and take it the rest of the way. Communication We don't want to stop text communication at all. For example: you still will be able to tell your buddy to "Quit this server and find another". One thing we do think we'll have control over is ingame voice command communication. The ordinary soldier's voice commands won't go very far, but a recon scout with a radio can point. Medic and Armor Morale If a medic is nearby, you get a new sense of confidence and have better morale. Your voice commands will be louder and travel more of a distance. In terms of fighting, you'll be able to keep your weapon more steady when firing off some rounds into the enemy lines. Two medics in the area makes you perform even better, but the benefits don't go up anymore, and you get no more bonuses for anything more than that. Armor and Tanks provide a morale boost too, some more than others, but nothing too overpowering. Smart Voice Command A lot of coding work, days at the recording studio, and file size will go into this one. We plan on making a hotkey you can press by facing an area, the general area around the center of your screen is what effects the outcome of pressing this key. For the example, let's say the hotkey is X. You see a MG position in a balcony down the street. You press your smart voice command key, and a voice command will play based on what the script picks up. The script will pick the biggest threat to you and play an appropriate voice command. However, this does have one thing that may backfire on us. Some people may be running around just pressing X on every square inch of the screen trying to find hidden snipers, and of the likes. We'll do our best to reduce this, if we can't, the feature will be removed. Gametypes With Attrition that we feel will bring a new feel to war games, as players of different classes, and vehicles with different structures will each have a role and position on the battlefield, here there isn't random capture points scattered about, but there is a definite set of frontlines, and your objective is to pierce right through your opponent's. On top of Attrition there is a classic mode, Objective in which there can be a good number of tasks for each class, and each player. TLH's other official gametype, is a souped up version of King of the Hill, called Capture and Hold. Realistic Elements Iron Sites, weapon sway, bullet ballistics, weapon weight, and havok physics are some of the major things that we feel will let TLH be a very realistic game in terms of combat and the environment. Maps One thing we're proud of with TLH is that it's built around the maps, the maps aren't built around it. This way you'll probably find each map having some unique elements about it, be it the unique player models with historical companies, and units from map to map, the way some weapons aren't available on some maps at all, or how each map will have its own set of textures, audio, and unique layout. We also hope that with each nation pack, the freshness won't die out. We still hope you'll be finding new and interesting things to do along the islands of the Philippines, or in the Hills of Italy as the nation packs come out. Singleplayer Our singleplayer, if it goes to plan, is going to be stellar. It's set in and around Stalingrad, and Khaskavo, Bulgaria over the course of about a day or so in Fall 1942. You take the roles of two characters: A Russian NKVD agent, and a German recon scout. It's a very emotional, character driven story, filled with references to the time, politics, and morality. You switch back and forth between the two characters over an estimated 20-28 hours of game time (which we hope to incorporate as real-time gameplay.) Each character has a seemingly different story each with their own plotlines and backgrounds, but both smack into each other with a few nice twists and surprises towards the end. Posistions: Co-Leader Coders Concept Artists Modelers Skinners Sound Artists Animators Mappers 2D Artists Webdesigner You can apply in these ways: Mail: [email=""][/email] MSN: Tipsy0451[email=""][/email] When applying via e-mail, please include the following: Name Age Location Previous work Examples or work Contact Info To be specific, I will firstly need a Co-Leader. There is no possible way to begin such a hard-edged multi-player/single-player game, without a Co-Leader. I wish those of you whom do apply, to please be profesional, and have alot of expirence. I need not waste my time with someone whom is not interested in commiting alot of time to TLH. If interested for the posistion, please contact me via MSN first, as I am always on. I hope to see some people interested!