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#1 12 years ago

Hi sorry if this has been posted before, i could not answer anywhere. I finished the boat map or rather reached end. I killed all men, i sank ship, i killed gunner on helicopter and now it just fly around blowing smoke. A boat showed up close to big sunken freighter. I cant climb on it but i can fly on it using glider.when on boat i cant do a thing. i seem to be stuck here. can anyone please help me. thanks :confused:


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#2 12 years ago

You're supposed to plant an explosive on the freighter's front [right by the bow] and then swim to shore, take cover from the helicopter and wound it enough so that it flies away [take cover by the close palm trees and carefully shoot your rockets at the helicopter. If you don't have the RL, you get it from the boxes next to the sniper tower to your far right, do this before you engage the helicopter.] and then the cut scene starts for the next level.

If all else fails, gamefaqs.com/farcry

Good luck!