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9th October 2003

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#1 14 years ago

so i finally upgraded my pc to an amd athalon 2800+, n got a 7600 gs. i thought its time to get some games, n i bought far cry. after installing 4 cds n getting to the 5, right at the end when it finished creating shortcuts and registering the game to the computer, suddenly the install quits, n everything installed in the 5 cds completely deleted.

i know my friend have this game but he doesn't have the same problem. strange fact is, same thing happened when i tried installing doom 3, which did exactly the same thing at the end of the installation. waste my freak'n time! funny thing is i installed doom 3 once b4 no problem b4 i had sp2. at least when i go to doom3's tech support they teach u how to install the game manually, no such thing for far cry. even if i got the thing installed manually, theres no register key telling my computer it is installed, meaning i can't patch the damn game as well.

so is there anybody out there that can help me get started or should i just refund the damn thing its not worth the trouble?


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10th February 2004

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#2 14 years ago

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Sorry, I have no idea about this.