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#1 11 years ago

Hi, I have recently bought a second hand computer with pretty decent specs. I have finally been able to play Halo and Farcry (originals) since I only had an old laptop before. Anyway, I am experiencing problems with freezing and shutting down during both games. During game play (not necessarily heavy/graphics intensive play) the screen freezes, then goes black, then something kicks in (sounds like a fan in the case) and I get audio back but no video - the screen stays black - when I get it back to the desktop, I see that I have been prompted to contact Ati with an error report. At other times, I wont even get audio, there will be no fan noise but from the frozen screen I then get the black screen then the system restarts itself. The guy I bought the computer from is an IT consultant and assures me there is nothing wrong with my hardware and that is it how I have installed drivers and various updates that is causing the problem. The thing is, I don't experience probs other than when I am gaming and the card I am using should provide more than enough power for these oldish games. I have uninstalled and installed my OS and driver and windows updates a number of times but haven't been able to get stability during game play once (the glitches seem to be random, happening at any time during game play). Please help or direct me to a site that can. Thanks.

My system details are: CPU: AMD FX55 GPU: ATI X850XT - 256MB RAM: 1GB of Kingston HyperX Memory running at Dual Channel (2x512) HDD: 2 x 74GB Western Digital Raptor Hard Drives in a RAID 0 DVD RW, DVD Drive Gigabyte motherboard running an Nvidia NForce 4 Chipset, 7.1 Sound and 2 network cards, one with Gigabit networking. OS: XP Home + SP2 .NET framework 2.0 I think. Latest Ati GPU drivers. 550W Power I think. Post 1 of 3


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#2 11 years ago

Have you patched the game yet?

Also I'd suggest running the virus-scanner programs.

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#3 11 years ago

Could be a heat issue. Your Specs should play this game and most other games without issue.

Try reseating the CPU cooler and the ram. Leave the side off the case. The standard heatsinks for the fx55's aren't all that great. You may need to invest in something a bit "heavier".

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#4 11 years ago

Strange, is your ATI card a plain ATI not made from another company like ASUS or Saphire?